Wednesday, March 22, 2006

football is fast taking the states of mankind, football is getting more famous than any other institution all over the is going out of hands the business transactions we see today in football.a player can be priced at several millions of dollars and the other equally good as this player might not even given any recognition because of what.This brings me to my topic today ,AGE FALSIFICATION AMONG THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS............... actually people try to ignore this topic but there is a generall belief that the african players and that of south america are guilty of age falsification.There are might be a sort of truth in this because some african players have being caught in the act several years back, today every african player is a cheat.Have you ever wondered why this ever happened? does it really matters age cheat? why would clubes prefer younger players ?can a forty years old player really do the job of a 25 years old player on the field? have you ever wondered the differences in the physiologies of an african and that of so called WHITE? Is there any advantage being black ? do the blacks grow at the same rate as the whites? what can ever be the Reason why there is age cheat on the part of the african players and the white never thought of doing the same.General reserch and live questioning has revealed some important reasons why this happens ,check out mu next posting nd you will be informed adequately.
i would like to invite you to help in this reserch and think out how this happen and why?
check out the next posting for comprehensive analysis.thanks