Monday, February 13, 2006

Football is my passion

I used to play Basketball when I was fifteen years old untill one-day a National Team Coach spotted me and talked to me about football. He finally convinced me to start training with a football team. After few days, He convinced me, I will be a great striker and a good football player. He started giving to me football video games from the english Premier League for me to learn some football tricks. He would teach me the tricks and tacktics of the game. He tought me the necessary things to be a striker. Since then I have continue to learn every day that passes with different coaches.

Shola Akinbobola, the coach took me for a football competition outside my province, where I made the first goal and we won the game. It was fantastic. The coach later took me for an inter-state games where I was spotted by coach Kashimawo Laloko, the then President of National Team, Technical Department, who later introduced me to Concord F.C. Abeokuta, where I made my first debut in professional league competition in Nigeria. Later, National Team Coach Fanny Amun who won the Kodak 11-16 competition in Japan, 1993. Spotted me and took me to the World University games in Fukuoka, in Japan to represent Nigeria.

Since then, I have travelled around the world to perform my professional job, football.


Blogger handy said...

hey henry keep you head up bro.this is yommy(handy)your goalie (animal science,OAU).I dey follow your progress dude.Why dont you come to USA man I can hook u up with a team

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